The Pittsburgh Whiskey & Fine Spirits Festival returns for its 10th spectacular year, and this time, palm trees and tropical breezes will greet you at the door. Everybody needs a little island getaway when the days get shorter and the air gets crisp. This Friday, October 28th, from 6-9 PM at the Rivers Casino, The Pittsburgh Whiskey & Fine Spirits Festival has you covered and will bring the fun!

As usual, we’ll have a few surprises up our sleeves for entertainment and atmosphere, but the undisputed star of the event is the amazing array of spirits being poured. Those who are in it for the island flavored rum-based refreshment need not worry as they will be on hand for the taking. But fear not, we won’t neglect the usual complement of whiskey, scotch, vodka, tequila and cordials. They will be well represented.

The Pittsburgh Whiskey & Fine Spirits Festival will feature over 250 varieties of whiskey, scotch, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and cordials, all laid out by the finest purveyors of distilled spirits from around the world. Also on hand, a roster heavy with the most knowledgeable mixologists, distillers, brand ambassadors and industry personalities to help guide, inform, and entertain you.

Also, don’t forget to visit the dining area adjacent to the event. It’s an amazing assortment of foods, and it’s included in the ticket price, so have your fill before you sample, or take a break and eat during the show. Trust me on this point, it’s the key to getting the most out of the event.

So dust off your hula skills, and put on your grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, and flip flops (sure to be popular this year, but not required!). Surfing wetsuits? Maybe. Coconut bras? Well, we’ll leave that one up to you.

See you October 28th.

Dale & Ed

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